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To Run No Matter What

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Not everyone has the pleasure of living in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico...Where you can run outside almost 365 days a year in a pair of shorts and a shirt. Some of us live in a world where winter consists of -30 degree weather and 3-5 feet of snow. Obviously not the most ideal running conditions.

When I first moved to New York from California, I had a hard time grasping this reality. Simply put, my body was not built for cold running weather. The moment the first snow flake fell to the ground, I found myself packing up my running gear except for the occasional treadmill run at he gym. Eventually running season would come back along and I would spend the first two months getting myself back in to the shape i was in before the winter started. Then this cycle would repeat, and repeat again.

It wasn't until I Ran the Boston marathon for the first time that I realized that I needed to change my ways. I ran Boston in the worst marathon time I have ever ran! At first I blamed it on simply not being a marathon runner anymore. Then I blamed it on being sick, then the weather, the list went on. Truth is, I ran such a horrible time for no other reason than I did not properly train! The Boston Marathon is in April, which would require one to train in the winter time.

So I left that race with a new goal in mind, I was going to keep training no matter what! I started small, just training for 5k's....then up to 10k's...half marathons....and now I am training for the Full marathon. This time I am prepared though. Because of my consistant training through the winter time, my body has adjusted to the colder weather. Also as I am doing my 15 mile runs in the snow of upstate New York, I see that I am not the only one with the same mindset. I am seeing runners that I have raced with in the past training on the same roads, in the same weather as I am. These are runners that typically place very well in the races they have run. All of sudden, I have hope for the results headed my way.

My times in my workouts alone are already faster than my race times were just a season ago. my body fat percentage has dropped and my nutritional habits have improved! My energy level, despite the weather remains high and I am now excited to run my first race of the season on April 13th, a half marathon here in upstate NY. My last half marathon I ran was in Syracuse, where I ran a 1:33:46. Where will my training take me in my upcoming half???

I look forward to sharing my results with you as I thrive off of my new words to live by...


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