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When Running Get's Crazy

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Ever ask someone to run a race with you and the response you get usually consists of eye rolling or flat out laughing? Don't take these replies as an offensive gesture...take them as a compliment! This is there way of informing you that they don't have the crazy mindset it can often take to start a race.

yes, different races require a different level of crazy. Asking someone to run a 5k with you isn't going to result in the same dirty look as when you ask them to run a marathon with you. let's be real, running simply isn't for everyone. But when do races become too crazy for us crazy runners?

Enter the craze of Ragnar Racing...

Ragnar has inspired an entire breed of runners, so much so that people that run these races consistently often do not refer to themselves as runners, but as Ragnarians! Would you like to run a 200ish mile relay with me over the course of two days, non stop, and while we aren't running we can hang out in a small van with 5 other runners who havnt showered since there last run? Oh by they way, chances are you will not sleep for 48 hours, and you will have at least one run that will take place in the middle of the night on a road that you have likely never been on before. But don't worry, you will have opportunities to see grown men running in cheerleading outfits, or just running in there underwear.

Are your eyes rolling yet?

I was hesitant to run my first runner because My training focus was suppose to be on the marathon. However, I needed to know what it was all about. I needed to experience it.

I am glad I did!

What I got from this crazy run was not just an amazing workout that challenged me both physically and mentally, but I gained a small circle of friends that I have sense ran several other races with outside of Ragnar. A group of friends that I can be my crazy self with. We had just spent 32 plus hours in a van, heard each other snore, smelled the aftermath of eachothers runs, shared water bottles together, sweaty hugs and high fives, and got to know each other on a deeper level than we ever would have if not for this crazy race.

So is Ragnar too crazy?

This all depends on you. At a Ragnar race, you will laugh, you will see and hear things you never thought you would see, you will run on no sleep, you will smell odors you have never smelled before. Be willing to except this, and you just might make a new set of friends that will last a life time.

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