One of the greatest things about running is that you can do it anywhere, at any time, and for any reason.  I have been running since I was 9 years old.  29 years later and I have still not even scratched the surface of reaching my full potential or experiencing all that running has to offer.

I have traveled across the country and throughout the world, running in some of the most amazing places, and some of the scariest places.  But my journey has educated and enlightened me with knowledge and experiences that I want to share with the world.

Everyone has their own reason for running, My reason however is my love for the race!  I love to compete, and I constantly strive to race with the best.  The competition aspect of running is what constantly keeps me motivated to get better...get faster.  It is my desire to compete that also encourages me to race and workout in as many parts of the world as I can.  training in different environments and cultures can only lead to positive results both physically and mentally.


On this site you will find stories from my travels and my running experiences.  Information and insight on all of the races that I run will be posted frequently.  You will also find training tips, product reviews, weird and funny running stories, images from my travels and the friends I have made along the way

Enjoy, subscribe, comment...and enjoy some more!

-The Cultural Runner-